Facial Surgeries

Facial surgery

Over time, various changes occur in the shape of the face - the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle-aponeurotic system become less flexible and sag. Sagging soft tissue on the cheeks and jawline cannot be corrected with cosmetic products, massages, lasers, injections and other procedures. The operation is performed if there is excess skin along the chin line, sagging cheeks, double chin, excess skin on the neck, sagging of the cheeks (very deep nasolabial folds). During a facelift, excess skin is removed and the subcutaneous, muscle and aponeurosis layers are surgically fixed back into place to return facial contours to a more youthful appearance.

Most often, facial plastic surgery is combined with neck plastic surgery, because the neck can only be corrected very rarely. Facial plastic surgery can very often and successfully be combined with eyelid plastic surgery or various injections.

Neck surgery

Neck plastic surgery is most often performed in combination with face plastic surgery. This surgery corrects excess skin and fat around the jawline, creating a more defined and youthful neck. The results can be long-lasting, however, it should be noted that neck correction cannot completely stop the aging process.