Breast Surgeries

Breast enlargement - augmentation

If the breasts seem too small or they are not symmetrical, if the lost volume needs to be restored, for example after feeding a child or significant weight loss - the best solution is breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery is performed by placing silicone implants under the mammary glands or muscles. Thanks to modern technology, silicone implants have a very long warranty period, they do not pose a risk of tumors, are not allergic and do not interfere with pregnancy - a woman can feed her child after breast plastic surgery.

Breast lift - mastopexy

If the breasts have lost their shape but have retained the desired size, a breast lift can improve them without using implants or affecting the mammary glands. The operation allows you to lift breasts of any size, but the effect will last longer for women with small breasts.

Breast lift and augmentation

If the breast has lost its shape due to weight loss or feeding children, perform the breast lift operation described above, simultaneously using augmentation with silicone implants.

Breast reduction

Over time, too large breasts can cause discomfort, pain in the back and neck area. In breast reduction surgery, the surgeon removes excess fat and glandular tissue, and moves the tip of the breast and its areola to a new location, reshaping the breast.


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